Monday, December 7, 2009

ST stand Selangor Timur

long long time so i called not warm not busy more to no mode ekceli..heh being at ST lately i feel so bored ..required my patience,my fake smile so i called 'niat ikhlas itu tiada'just imagined i didn't hv a things to do yet nad,ita n nisa was away.Everyday to count for wekend..a lot of plan for next week. tamrin at melaka,meet cutest adni and lovest mom at puchong,out to some hip hooray with Ct or Abby..need Reko words,and for sure Aqil's smile.*sigh

here +-ve 3 weeks to go..before i jump to other department..hope new environment will bring me new hope,new spirit and new 'Linda' for sure.
i will keep ST alwiz in  mine wherever i go.lots of up and down.Damn horror and stressful when u got posted at Access N/work Development.We  are the one and only  the backbone for TM infrastructure..without us sapalah TM..haha.Heh enjoy some pic below
my misisippi messy open table..
this how i used to confuse which one is RJ45 vs printer cable..keke
fiber splicing training

khabarkan pd dunia i do contribute to HSBB Malaysia..yehaa

training ftth Fujikura.fiber 2 ur home man

vdsl2 testing at 12 am.

here i know


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